Our educational journey commenced in 1999 by providing tuition to students with disabilities and those who could not afford tuition fees for competitive exams preparation. For the next five to seven years, we gained experience in the education industry by working in various education-based companies across different Indian cities, while simultaneously nurturing our ambition of establishing an independent venture.

In December 2007, we realized our dream by establishing our own education enterprise, initially named Savant Education Services and later renamed MindTree Education in 2015. Our focus on education and students has been at the core of our enterprise since its inception, and we have successfully operated CLATutor for law entrance exams in India and overseas. Notably, our institution boasts a faculty of seasoned educators, and our commitment to providing quality education has always been unwavering. We firmly believe that our success in the market is only possible through the purity of our approach to imparting education.

Following the onset of the pandemic, the educational landscape witnessed a shift in classroom learning technology. Recognizing this change, we directed our efforts towards adapting to the new normal and with some success, launched citebit.com – a platform designed to cater to online learning for a diverse range of exams. Moreover, we provide our students with the added benefit of live classes, which are also recorded for future reference.

Our inadvertent journey thus far has been nothing short of exhilarating, and we feel blessed to have come this far. Moving forward, we remain committed to teaching with the same fervor and zeal that has characterized our past endeavors, catering to a wide range of exams with equal passion and dedication.