Acads Head

Pranab Mehta


Pranab Mehta is a force to be reckoned with at As a seasoned faculty member, he leads the charge in academics and technological execution, fearlessly tackling any obstacle that comes his way.

Despite starting his career in the other industry, Pranab found his true calling in teaching. For over a decade, he has dedicated himself to preparing students for highly competitive entrance exams like CLAT/IIT JEE, CAT/GMAT/GRE/Bank PO. Through his innovative and unwavering approach, he has earned the admiration and respect of his peers and students alike.

Pranab lives by the philosophy that “life is all about experimenting with opportunities that lie beyond the corner.” A rare combination of a sportsman, a savvy businessman, and a mathematics enthusiast, he possesses a remarkable ability to make students fall in love with one of the most intimidating subjects in academia. He has an uncanny talent for transforming students’ apprehension of math into a burning passion, making him a teacher of extraordinary abilities. Pranab Mehta is a true inspiration to all who aspire to greatness.


Niraj Singh

(B.E Mech)

Niraj is also associated with GANITutor as a faculty. He is the brain behind the company’s brand.A man with tremendous knowledge and experience of academics and marketing, he is a well known name in the student community .Niraj has successfully forged institutional tie ups to help the company reach out to the student community. An avid lover of numbers, Arithmetic is his forte. He has spent many hours in helping students understand the subject and apply it. A popular and effective mathematics teacher, Niraj uses his intelligence and understanding of numbers to analyze the stock markets during his leisure time.



Karan Singh is a Maths teacher with experience in Teaching grades 1 to 12. He feels that students somewhere develop a fear of Maths and it will be great if he can get that fear out of them. In his free time he likes to do Theatre and swimming.

Biplav Mehta

MSC-Stats & Eco

Biplav Mehta has been an integral part of our organization since its inception. He started his journey with us by juggling between technology aspects and teaching, occasionally developing content as well. Over the years, he has been the backbone of technological development that our company has achieved so far. His unwavering interest in mathematics, which has been one of his favorite subjects since the early days of his life, has made him a valuable asset to our organization.

Apart from his expertise in technology, Biplav has helped our company to foray into new avenues to secure our future. He has been instrumental in providing valuable insights and ideas that have enabled us to expand our business and grow rapidly. Biplav’s experience of 15+ years adds to his credibility and makes him an indispensable member of our team.

Currently, Biplav is actively involved in teaching and developing content. He uses his vast knowledge and experience to create engaging and informative content that helps our students to excel in their academic pursuits. His dedication to teaching and his passion for mathematics are evident in the way he interacts with his students.